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Our Story

In 2019, Habiba was working as a freelance makeup artist in Egypt. Seeing how the makeup made her friends feel sparked an idea in her mind. She realized that the makeup market in Egypt and many other parts of the world was quite limited and expensive and that there is a lack of environmentally sustainable makeup globally.

In February 2020, Habiba and Sofia met at a photo shoot and the two soon hit it off and began to talk about their passion for beauty and Habiba pitched the idea of the brand to Sofia.

From there, the duo set out to create a beauty brand that could be crafted to a person's preferences and was unique to them. The goal is to build a brand that empowers people to express themselves, and to celebrate themselves for being who they are.

With the help and support of amazing local models, creatives, and customers, the brand has been growing in Winnipeg and looks to expand soon beyond the region to provide their products internationally. 

Our CEO:
Habiba Mahmoud

My name is Habiba, I'm the founder of Habiba's Beauty Bar. Growing up, I have always had an interest in beauty and cosmetics. In 2019, I travelled to Egypt and started working as a freelance makeup artist. I realized that I'm very passionate about using makeup to make others feel happy, confident and beautiful in their own skin. I also realized that there was a huge shortage globally in clean makeup that is cruelty free and is inexpensive. This is where the idea of Habiba's Beauty Bar was born. My aim is to provide people around the world with affordable cosmetics that make them feel good while being environmentally responsible.

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Our COO:
Sofia Peralta-Baron

My name is Sofia Peralta-Baron and I am the current COO at Habiba’s Beauty Bar. I hope to bring a lot of energy towards this business and to make an impact on our customer’s lives. After using our products I hope that people feel more confident to do the things that they could never do before. Environmental impact is just as important as Social impact for me, that is why I will continue to look for sustainable options for Habiba’s Beauty Bar practices. I am so excited for the future and stay tuned to see what we do next!

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All our products are formulated with Vegan cosmetic ingredients that are sourced from Canada and the USA.

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Cruelty Free

Our company does not test on animals and does not support the practice. 

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Locally Handcrafted

We formulate, test, pack and ship our orders all from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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