The Ugly Truth About Capitalism and the Beauty Industry


In this digital age, its harder than ever to keep up with the modern beauty standard.  It has become way easier to put people in cookie cutters, to mould them to be all of the same shape and size. Products are marketed to us constantly, virtually and irl. Fad after fad after fad: Product X will diminish your pores! Product Y will give you glass skin! Product Z extracted from the wilderness will enhance your godly beauty but fear not, you will achieve the desired cookie cutter look. We're bombarded with ads to make us insecure about things we never used to consider, but now we stand in front of the mirror nitpicking at our smallest flaws which one day used to be the features that made us unique.

They've gone as far as making us hate the skin we were born in, with skin whitening products being consumed immeasurably. Celebrities and "influencers" pushing young girls to idolize warped versions of themselves which have gone under the knife and promote unhealthy diet products all for a cheap price but the bigger picture they're selling is that deep rooted insecurity which they will keep capitalizing off for eternity. But - eternity for them could end as soon as tomorrow, it could end when we, as a pressured group unite and change this reality.

When we realize they've created this standard of imperfection for their own benefit and that in reality we are all unique and beautiful. when we decide that we don't need expensive products that change our features, but alternative ones that merely enhance our godliness.

When choosing alternative products it's important to consider the brand very well. What do they stand for? What do they vouch for? The market currently has made place for inclusivity, with brands such as Rihannas Fenty Beauty setting a great example at promoting diversity and self love- where people of all backgrounds can find themselves in the product. It's also important to consider clean products, and to support clean products against animal testing and products with no harsh chemicals that are actually healing and good for you. 

Lastly we have to remember that our demands define the market, and what we pay for as consumers determines what standards the Beauty industry sets. Shop consciously.


About the Author: 
Mariam Emam is a  21 year old medical student from Cairo, Egypt. She is passionate about topics such as feminism and social justice. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire others to break free from societal norms and boundaries.



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