A Look Into Our Lip Oil Ingredients

Nowadays it is hard to find products that have a clear ingredient list and it can be a little confusing and difficult to figure out whether the ingredients are beneficial or harmful. With the world moving more towards clean cosmetics it is important to realize that beauty is not only looking good but also feeling good. This is why at Habiba’s Beauty Bar, we take the time to curate the best ingredients for you and we manufacture all products in small batches to ensure great quality.

We want to take the time to do a deep dive into our ingredient list to show you why we’ve used every ingredient in our infamous lip oils. This product has all vegan ingredients, in which we do not use any dye in our tints or any carmine. So our main ingredients are castor oil, vitamin E oil, and grape seed oil mixed together with the fragrance oils and tints in specific ratios to ensure the right look, consistency, and longevity. 

Starting with castor oil, which is composed of mainly Ricinoleic Acid; a fatty acid that softens and hydrates skin all while repairing damage. Castor oil also contains Oleic Acid which maintains softness and radiance of your skin and lips. As well as linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that promotes moisture retention and lessens inflammation. And finally, Stearic acid helps products stay potent while stored for long periods of time.

Castor oil is a very popular cosmetic ingredient because of its many benefits, which is why it’s one of our staple ingredients. This ingredient ultimately hydrates the skin and ensures that your skin stays hydrated. This is a perfect ingredient for lip products because you get a glossy look while your skin is being nourished at the same time. Castor Oil also allows your makeup product itself to have a longer shelf life. To be brief we love Castor Oil and we hope you do too!

Our second highlighted ingredient is Grape Seed Oil which is composed of linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Sharing some ingredients with castor oil, these ingredients also make skin feel and appear softer, perfect for damaged or dry skin. But due to the presence of palmitic acid, this ingredient can also protect your skin from sun damage and even out skin tone. Grapeseed is an essential ingredient for our lip oils because all skin needs some protection from the sun; while you relax in the sunshine you can be sure that your lips are beautiful and protected.

Now last but not least Vitamin E oil, this ingredient is perfect for our lip oils since it is high in antioxidant properties; helping blood circulation and making your lips look more firm. This oil also moisturizes skin relieving dry and chapped skin. Other than just simply moisturizing your lips Vitamin E oil contains Anti-inflammatory properties that promote high cell regeneration allowing for new cells to come to the surface of your lips quicker. 

Other than these main ingredients, we also use natural, vegan lip colorants. By combining these ingredients, we’ve created the perfect mix which moisturizes and protects your lips all the while looking glossy and nourished. Remember to shop Clean Beauty always know what you are putting on your skin. Stay safe, and stay a goddess!



This article was written by Sophia Peralta-Beron, our amazing marketing co-ordinator and edited by Salma Mahmoud, our lovely production assistant.

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